Head and shoulders Pattern

Previous Next Chart Patterns  Reversal Pattern Head and shoulders tops and bottoms;  Double tops and bottoms; Rounding tops and bottoms; Broadening formations; Triple tops and bottoms Continuation Pattern Flags; Ascending and Descending triangles; Symmetrical triangles; Pennants; Gaps; Rectangles Head and Shoulders Pattern The head and shoulder formation is the best indication for a trend change. … Read more

Doji Candlestick Patterns

Previous Next Stock Market Key. Technical Analysis keys to successful chart analysis About Chart Moving Average The ADX Finding out if the market is trading or Trending Open Interest (OI) Fibonacci Analysis Fibonacci Price Extensions Doji Candlestick Patterns Doji is a very important candlestick formation and is formed when the open and close are approximately … Read more

Advantages of Technical Analysis in Stock Market

Advantages of Technical Analysis The advantages of Technical Analysis are that it can be applied to almost any trading instrument and over any period of time. Technical Analysis can be used to analyze anything: stocks, commodities, interest rates or currencies. You can also apply technical analysis from a short-term perspective to long-term time frames. In … Read more

Crude Oil Weekly Technical Analysis

Crude Oil closing Price 66.26 & Indian Price Closing Price is 4844.0 Crude Oil Technical Chart 06th March 2021 As Per chart Analysis Crude strong Resistance level is 66.60 $ . technically rsi is over brought zone. as per chart & Gann Time Price Analysis crude can retrace below 64$. Weekly Trend Up side intact … Read more