Gold Level Updates

As per the level given on Gold has been achieved in Down Side. The Gold Level Updates is that the Gold from here should go Down side till 1765.60 dollar and if this level continues falling down then the next level will be 1764.80 dollar.

Gold Technical Level Analysis
Gold Level Analysis on 20th April 2021

Positional Views

The Positional Views on Gold is that the Gold Up Trend level is 47198.36 INR and Down Trend level is 46969.64 INR.

Gold Resistance Level

The Resistance level for Gold for Positional point of view are 47272.94 INR, 47332.60 INR, 47392.25 INR, 47470 INR, 47581 INR and the expanded resistance level will be 47884 INR.

Gold Support Level

The Support level for Gold for Positional point of view are 46895 INR, 46835.50 INR, 46775.80 INR, 46696.25 INR, 46586.85 INR and the expanded support level will be 46283.50 INR.

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