Financial Astrology

Brief Historical Background for Financial Astrology

In the late 1920s and early 1930s financial astrology was made popular by astrologer Evangeline Adams. Adams was known as America’s first big astrology superstar. She made astrology popular with her newsletter Making stock market predictions. During the 1920s, Adams consulted many big financial names of the time, including banking giant J.P. Morgan. He was a big believer in Financial Astrology. The New York library of J.P. Morgan is full of information on astrology, and there is even a zodiac painted on the ceiling. A famous quote of Morgan’s is Morgan famously said, “Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do!”

In 1947, Donald Bradley proposed the first financial astrology forecasting tools, known as the Bradley Barometer siderograph. This siderograph uses key astrological aspects and declination to forecast stock market turning points.

What Is The Basic Rules work in Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology begins with observing market behavior when two planets interact. However, financial astrology is not limited to the alone. One can also analyze the effects of multiple planets interacting. in Physics, Newton’s second law states that the sum of the forces equals the net force. In Astrology, there may be whatever energies working together or against each other. The final result will be whatever wins the tug-of-war. what the observer sees at any given time in the markets is often the net result of all the of the transits added up. However, single transits between tow planets can be powerful, too there are times when a singular transit is so powerful that it might dominate everything else around it. this is especially true when large planets are involved in the picture. therefore, it can be said that all transits are not weighted the same. Some have more powerful effects on the markets than others. Some transits last for a long period of time and others last for a short period of time. so a transit for an outer, slow-moving transit such as Saturn will be much stronger and last much longer than a fast-moving transit from a faster-moving object such as the Moon.

Financial Astrology Summary

Astrology studies the relationships between movements and interactions of the planets and human behavior. The universe can be though of as a giant clock. By understanding the timing of the planets one can correlate them to market events. this article will introduce the concept of financial astrology, which studies the outcome of stock market event as planets interact.

Key Concept For Financial Astrology

  • The Purpose of this website is to introduce basic concepts of astrology and Financial astrology .
  • Astrology is the study of the relationships between movements and interactions of the planets and human behavior.
  • Financial astrology is the study of the link between the movements and interactions of the planets with stock market behavior.
  • Astrology can be though of as a clock with hundreds of hands.
  • financial astrology does not guarantee anything. But it can increase one’s odds of success based on probabilities.
  • Newton’s second law applies to astrology because the net effect of astrology on markets is due to the end result of the tug-of-war.

The Financial Triger Planets

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars In financial Astrology, each planet has specific meaning. Since all planets are in orbit, one can think of each planet as Unique type of energy in motion. As these planets interact with each other, the energies affect human behavior, which in turn affects the stock markets.

The classification of planets begins by dividing them into two categories of inner versus outer planets.

Typically the transits by these inner planets are very quickly. but the Outer planets affect the larger events or themes in the world. when the outer planets create a transit in takes a long time for the energy to build up.

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