Commodity Trend Analysis Level

What is the Commodity Trend Analysis Level of Crude Oil for Today i.e.,22nd Nov 2021?

Crude Oil Level Analysis

As per the Chart & Technical Study of the Commodity Trend Analysis Level of Crude Oil, the Crude Oil seems to be in the Downside direction from here as the Hanging Man Pattern has developed in the Candlestick Chart Pattern in 30 min. chart & then a sharp bounce will be seen in the Up side direction.

Crude Oil Level at 02:00 pm

The Commodity Trend Analysis Level for Crude oil seems to be in downside 1st & then it will have a sharp bounce in opposite direction i.e., in Upside direction.

The crude oil level for today will be 76 dollar which will be in Downside direction. 76 dollar is the 1st target price of Crude Oil level & if this level will get extended in the upside direction then the 2nd target of Crude Oil will be 77 dollar & and after that 77.30 dollar.

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