Commodities Futures Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of commodities, mcx charts with Technical

Crude Oil Technical Analysis

as per W.D Gann Angle Price Analysis crude Oil strong support intraday 5340-5330 if sustained below then down side 2nd important target is 5260 and 3rd and Final target for today 5130.

Crude Oil Upside resistance level for today intraday is 5490 and 2nd final resistance level is 5560.

as per Previous trend analysis crude oil trade in given same range.

Silver Technical Level analysis

Silver as per Gann Level analysis strong resistance level is 61900 and down side strong support near to 60900. as per Previous day move silver near to short term breakout and strong support previous day low near to 60600 and strong resistance 62400.

silver trade in range as per my previous analysis. up side resistance near to 22.80$ and strong support 21.6$.

Gold Technical Price Analysis

Gold as per Analysis strong resistance level is 48400 and down side support 47750 as per w.d gann price analysis.


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