AARTIDRUGS Stock Technical Analysis

AArtidrugs strong Support 24th August low price near to 580. this stock fall from 15th of May 2021 (price level is 840) stock correct 30% from higher level and now trade 625 . as per chart analysis stock strong support 604/612 as per Gann angle analysis. and up side strong resistance 655 after 655~666 then … Read more

GMDC Long Term Analysis

GMDC WEEKLY CHART ANALYSIS GMDC Hit a high of 72 in January 2020, after which he made a bottom of 32 in March 2020. After a 62% Retracement Stock  by As Per Fibonacci Retransaction Stock, it is now moving into an extension, which can have a side-side target of technically 96-100. GMDC FUNDAMENTAL REPORTS  MARKET … Read more

IOC Stock Analysis – April 2021

52 week High of Indian Oil: 105.0052 week Low of Indian Oil: 71.15IOC is trading in the lower range of yearly prices. Went as high as 105.00 in the last three months (quarter)Went as low as 86.75 in the last three months (quarter)IOC is trading in the lower range of the quarterly prices. IOC Fundamental … Read more