Bank Nifty Technical Analysis

BankNifty Gann Angle Level Up side Resistance is 36560 and Final up side resistance is 36700 and down side strong support 36150 if Break then important down side level is 35900.

BankNifty 8 Days Moving Average 36660 and 13DMA 37310 its bearish cross over both level are same then Bank Nifty Bottom out from down side.

BankNifty F&O Data Analysis

As Per Option Data Analysis in Bank Nifty strong Support 36000 Level because 36000 Put Oi 1931925. and Put Price trading at 96 and breakout level is 170 its trade below in case bank nifty down side support 35900 max Point as per 36k put data analysis.

36500 Call OI 1510450 strong Resistance and call Price trading at 150 and Resistance level is 366 if cross then sharp bounce in Bank nifty. as per 36500 call data analysis Bank Nifty strong resistance is 36866.

RBL Bank Technical Analysis

RBL BANK Intraday Breakout Level is 195 positional breakout 197 and Up side Resistance level is 202. and Down side strong support 187-186.

AxisBank Technical & WD GANN Angle Analysis

Axis Bank Technical Breakout Level 686 up side Strong Resistance level is 693 after that importance up side target 721. down side strong support 666.

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