PTC India head refutes allegations of three independent directors who resigned, open to probe

तीन स्वतंत्र निदेशकों- कमलेश शिवजी विकमसे, थॉमस मैथ्यू टी, और संतोष बी नायर ने बुधवार को पीटीसी इंडिया फाइनेंशियल के प्रबंधन द्वारा शासन और अनुपालन में चूक का हवाला देते हुए अपना इस्तीफा सौंप दिया। पीटीसी इंडिया ने अपनी सहायक कंपनी पीटीसी इंडिया फाइनेंशियल सर्विसेज के तीन स्वतंत्र निदेशकों द्वारा लगाए गए आरोपों का खंडन … Read more

Nifty Technical Analysis

Nifty Technically Breakout level analysis in this YouTube Video. Daily & Weekly Support Resistance analysis in Astrotechnical YouTube Channel. Nifty Technical Support Near to 17710-17660 And Strong Resistance level 17840. Bank Nifty Technical Level analysis Bank Nifty Strong Resistance level 38166 down Side support 37500. #ASTROTECHNICAL Follow on Twitter  during Market Hours: About Services: follow … Read more

Gann Emblem

Gann Emblem is basically a Forecasting Tool Which Forecast the Future Reversal dates .Gann Said Within a Circle is a square and a Triangle and this aspects are related to Astrology , Where we take Solar Degrees Into Consideration – But as in astrology Specific Zodiac Signs Are Related to individual person ( What we … Read more

WD Gann Emblem

Gann Emblem – Trading rules; Gann Emblem Software Training Materials. Gann Emblem software. about W D Gann Emblem Trading Course. Gann Natural Time Cycle; Gann Yearly Time Cycle; Moon Phases – Time Cycle; Gann Averages; Gann Forecasting; What is a Gann Emblem  The Gann Emblem is essentially a forecasting tool that predicts future reversals. Gann said that in a … Read more

Commodities Futures Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of commodities, mcx charts with Technical Crude Oil Technical Analysis as per W.D Gann Angle Price Analysis crude Oil strong support intraday 5340-5330 if sustained below then down side 2nd important target is 5260 and 3rd and Final target for today 5130. Crude Oil Upside resistance level for today intraday is 5490 and 2nd final resistance level is … Read more

Astro Technical Planet Analysis

Nifty Astro Technical Analysis, Bank Nifty Astro technical Analysis for weekly & December 2021. Planet Position For 13th December 2021. Mercury is moving in Sagittarius and Mars is moving in Scorpio. Mercury & Jupiter at 60°December 12, 2021, Sunday at 00:52. Planet Angle Change Reports for 13th December 2021 Weekly Planetary Events Reports Mercury & … Read more

Reliance Technical Analysis

Reliance Daily Price Analysis for 10th December 2021 Reliance Strong resistance level as per Daily Volatility 2495 and Strong support 2440 if trade below then intraday stock price fall for 2420 its final support. Astro Technical Support in Reliance Price near to 2430-2420 if trade below then next important target for down side is 2360 … Read more

Nifty Technical Analysis | Bank Nifty Gann Angle Analysis

Bank Nifty technical anlaysis Nifty Technical Level strong support 17420 & Resistance level 17557 as per WD Gann angle analysis. Bank Nifty Technical Level analysis Bank nifty Strong resistance level 37520 and down side support 37050. trade as per this setup. Bank Nifty strong resistance level 20 DMA 37250 if trend reverse then weekly closing … Read more