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Kundali Analyse Without Knowing the Birth-time in Astrology

In Astrology If you know your birth date and do not know your birth time, then also you can Predict your birth chart ‘KUNDALI’. For that you will have to make birth chart ‘HOROSCOPE’ by entering with any time in the same date only. After making your Kundali, then consider the Moon(‘Chandra’) as your Ascendant and study about what the Horoscope is showing. From that you can analyse your Birth-Chart.

Kundali Analysis problem in Astrology

This type of Birth-Chart is having two Type of problems

  • First is that, if there is the Moon Transit on the same date then the Horoscope made will be wrong.

For example:- Like in particular date during morning at 10 am Moon Transit from Leo to Virgo , the Horoscope made assuming Moon as Ascendant then in this case will be wrong as Moon is changing its Sign (Zodiac) from Leo -> Virgo.

  • Second is that, you will not get knowledge about the Mahadasha.

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