Basic for Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis – What is?

Let us understand this with a CRICKET EXAMPLE, If you are interested in CRICKET, then you will know that, whenever a player goes to play in a MATCH, the team he is playing against or on the field, there about his previous RECORD and PERFORMANCE I do talk about it,

And it is expected that, because the player plays well against that team or on that ground, then we express the possibility that that player will still do something PERFORMANCE and show the game as he has Done before,

And you must have also heard about the match played in the WORLD CUP between India and Pakistan, that India has won all their matches against Pakistan.

And this is the reason that whenever there are MATCH of WORLD CUP between India and Pakistan, then all CRICKET EXPERT repeats this and expresses the possibility that this time India will definitely beat Pakistan.

Although this does not have to happen, no one can say 100% that RESULT will be exactly the same, as has happened many times before,

But then it is emphasized that the Result of the match will be the same as last time,

And the truth is that this has been happening right now,

And after telling you that, Pakistan has not won from India in WORLD CUP till date, you should be asked who will win the next time when India and Pakistan match between WORLD CUP?

So you too will definitely say, CRICKET is a game of uncertainty, but still more than the possibility of India.

And now if you are asked to claim on this match, who will win, then surely most of you will say the same on the basis of all the previous matches of India and PERFORMANCE – this time India will definitely win, and you will claim India. Will apply.

If we look carefully, knowingly or unknowingly, at the time of making such claims, we are likely to be on the basis of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS that India will win.

Because this is the complete CONCEPT of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, “History repeats itself” “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF”

Similarly, in the stock market too when it comes to buying or selling a stock, that is, when it comes to putting a claim on a stock,

So if we find out through a chart based on the PERFORMANCE HISTORY of that SHARE, what the shares have been in different conditions, and looking at the trend, now here the shares can be called, how much up Or how much below, such as STUDY is called TECHNICAL ANALYSIS,

Conclusion – Technical Analysis

With the help of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, we can know when we should take the ENTRY market, and when to complete the EXIT deal.

In this way, we can avoid that with the help of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, due to which 90% people do LOSS, and with the help of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, we understand that we –

  • When to buy shares? / शेयर्स कब ख़रीदे ?
  • In what Price to buy shares? / शेयर्स किस भाव में ख़रीदे ?
  • how Much Buy the Stock ? / शेयर्स कितना ख़रीदे?
  • when To Sale The Stock ? / शेयर्स कब बेचे ?
  • what Price to Sale the stock ? / शेयर्स किस भाव में बेचे ?
  • how Much sale the Stock ? / शेयर्स कितना बेचे ?
  • and How to control your LOSS in case of LOSS ? / और LOSS की स्थिति में अपने LOSS को कैसे नियंत्रित करे ?

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