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About Astrology


Napoleon Bonaparte is reported to have stated that greed and fear are the two levels which control mankind. Carl jung, a famous psychologist has said, that “Astrology represents the summation of psychological knowledge of antiquity”. “ज्योतिष पुरातनता के मनोवैज्ञानिक ज्ञान के योग का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है”

A famous investment advisor had stated, “Despite all computers and all fundamental technical analysis, the investor psychology is still the most significant factor in the stock market behavior”.“सभी कंप्यूटर और सभी मौलिक तकनीकी विश्लेषण के बावजूद, निवेशक मनोविज्ञान अभी भी शेयर बाजार के व्यवहार में सबसे महत्वपूर्ण कारक है”।

Vedic astrology seems to hold the key to understand investor psychology better and to arrive at proper conclusions about market trends. This is because the planets moon and mercury have a definite role to play in the psychology of individuals and also in mass psychology.

In vedic astrology, moon is considered to control the mind of individuals and mercury is considered to control the emotional as well as nervous system of individuals. Thus, it is seen that the transiting positions of these planets have marked effects in the stock market trends when observed closely on a day-to-day basis.

What are the astrological factors which trigger such mass psychological reactions? One commonly noticed phenomenon is that whenever mercury gets into retrogression mode there is a marked effect on mass psychology. Similarly, on lunation days, perceptible behavioural changes are noticed particularly in the case of lunatics. On lunation days there is perceptible effect on the tidal patterns and wave patterns in the oceans and seas.

Our human body is supposed to contain about 90% of fluid contents. If lunation can have an effect on the tidal patterns and wave patterns in the ocean, some subtle effects are also likely on the psychology of every human being , which in turn affect their behavioural  patterns.

It has been statistically proved that whenever mars and Saturn conject, there is a spurt in violent activities of human beings and there is a perceptible increase in crime rate. It is also noticed that eclipses. Which occur on lunation days, affect the stock market and makes it either bullish or bearish.

Every layman who has no knowledge of astrology knows that every day is not the same in his behavioural pattern and on some days he feels low and on some days he feels high, the reason for which is not known to him. From these, it can be concluded that planetary movements do have an effect on mass psychology and as such, understanding the vedic astrology can help to understand stock market fluctuations with reference to planetary movements.

This article will be better understood by those who have some basic knowledge of astrology (Vedic astrology or western astrology), as they will be able to effectively use the various techniques outlined in this book in their dealings on the stock market. Some conclusions are presented in this book about the trends in the stock markets that are likely in the year 2001 and 2002, with reasoning behind these conclusions. These reasoning are also meant for the laymen who have no basic knowledge of astrology but who are interested in knowing the stock market trend that are likely in these years. It is expected that these reasoning will motivate the lay reader to learn the vedic astrology and apply the principles brought out in this book for their own dealings in the stock Market. For those conversant with the basics of astrology the reasoning given is likely to enhance their ability to correctly pick the trends of the stock markets in future years. Currently,Many vedic Astrology Software are available in the market which even a person with practically very little knowledge of astrology can make use of for getting astrological charts printed out of their P.C. and printers Once the horoscope is generated, it will be easier to apply and understand the principles outlined herein. Laymen who find this book interesting should get themselves familiarized with the use of Ephemiris and also astrological software so that they can benefit without wasting their time on the preparation of charts.

The saim of the book is to help the reader to evaluate the long-term trends as well as short term trends in the stock markets using the principles of vedic astrology. The methodology based on various planetary situations is discussed in the various chapter of this book. Every effort is made in this book to explain the points made by correlating the principles explained with the planetary situation at that point of time and with the corresponding DJIA numbers which ruled at that point of time. This will help the readers conversant with vedic astrology to understand the points more clearly.

Outer planets do have an effect on the stock market behaviour pattern and as such they are also included in the discussion of the principles enumerated in this book.

For the benefit of laymen who may read this book, a chapter has been included in which the basics of vedic astrology have been discussed. It is expected that many amongst them will get motivated to become more conversant with vedic astrology.

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