Sarvatobhadra Chakra

अति प्राचीन वैदिक युग में सबसे पहले आकाश नक्षत्र तथा चंद्र के सहयोग से पुण्य दिवस की कल्पना की गई नक्षत्रों की शुभाशुभ ता के संबंध में असाधारण संशोधन किया गया और तदनुसार उन दिनों यज्ञ आदि वेदोक्त कर्मों के अनुष्ठानों की व्यापक व्यवस्था की गई थी। आगे चलकर इस धरातल पर बसने वाले ज्योतिष … Read more

Nifty View for 06 Oct 2022

Nifty pull back rally started by the market,this rally may end soon and I will try to find sell trade on nifty and Nifty Financial,Niftybank and Nifty Auto.This rally may continue up to the level around 17430-17650. Pressure dates for this month are 7th,11th,(18th),(20th to 22nd) and 27th October 2022. Nifty Technical WD Gann Level … Read more

Commodities Futures Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of commodities, mcx charts with Technical Crude Oil Technical Analysis as per W.D Gann Angle Price Analysis crude Oil strong support intraday 5340-5330 if sustained below then down side 2nd important target is 5260 and 3rd and Final target for today 5130. Crude Oil Upside resistance level for today intraday is 5490 and 2nd final resistance level is … Read more

Astro Technical Planet Analysis

Nifty Astro Technical Analysis, Bank Nifty Astro technical Analysis for weekly & December 2021. Planet Position For 13th December 2021. Mercury is moving in Sagittarius and Mars is moving in Scorpio. Mercury & Jupiter at 60°December 12, 2021, Sunday at 00:52. Planet Angle Change Reports for 13th December 2021 Weekly Planetary Events Reports Mercury & … Read more

Nifty Technical Analysis | Bank Nifty Gann Angle Analysis

Bank Nifty technical anlaysis Nifty Technical Level strong support 17420 & Resistance level 17557 as per WD Gann angle analysis. Bank Nifty Technical Level analysis Bank nifty Strong resistance level 37520 and down side support 37050. trade as per this setup. Bank Nifty strong resistance level 20 DMA 37250 if trend reverse then weekly closing … Read more

ICICI Bank Technical Analysis

icici bank technical analysis

ICICI bank Gann Price analysis, ICICI Bank MACD chart, ICICI Bank RSI chart, ICICI Bank chart analysis as Per Chart Analysis ICICI Bank near to Resistance level trade below and sustain 1 hour chart then price fall from here near to 735. ICICI Bank Option chain Analysis Reports maximum pain in icici bank call option … Read more

Stock Market Report | Nifty Close above 17450

Market report

Bajaj Finance, Hindalco Industries, Maruti Suzuki, SBI and Bajaj Finserv were among the top Nifty gainers. Losers included HDFC Life, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Power Grid Corp, Divis Labs and IOC भारतीय शेयर लगातार दूसरे दिन 8 दिसंबर को उच्च स्तर पर बंद हुए क्योंकि भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक ने प्रमुख दरों को रिकॉर्ड निचले स्तर पर … Read more

Crude Oil Gann Price Analysis

CrudeOil Technical Price, curdeoil Gann technical price analysis for 08th December 2021. As Per Gann Price analysis strong support 5380 today low and resistnace level is 5540 if trade below (5380) then next important support is 5330 and final support 5190. 5190 price if come then chance to bounce form here. as per previous analysis … Read more

Silver Technical Analysis

Stock Market technical Analysis

Silver Gann Angle Analysis, Silver Price Analysis, Silver Technical Level analysis, Silver WD Gann Angle Price as per WD Gann Angle Trend Analysis draw in this given chart in 15 Minute intraday. strong resistance level in $ terms 22.6-22.80 and strong support near to 22.25$. Silver Technical Chart Analysis as per Hourly chart Analysis in … Read more

Bank Nifty Technical Level analysis

Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 08th December 2021,Bank Nifty Gann Angle Level, Bank Nifty Today Level Bank Nifty Strong Support 36330 and Up Side Resistance as per Gann Angle Level analysis 36970. Bank Nifty Technical Stock Analysis Bank Nifty All Stock Breakout & Breakdown level given above as per Weekly price Analysis. RBL Bank Technical … Read more

Stock Market Technical Analysis

Stock Market Technical analysis, Daily Price Analysis in Stock Market, Nifty Target Analysis, Bank Nifty Target price, Stock Trend Analysis report for December 2021. as per Market Report Vodafone ,BHEL, Zeel top gainer stock and stock Looser is Industower ,LTI, Coforge and more IT Company in Fall from higher level. BHEL is the Stock Gainer … Read more

Nifty Technical Analysis

as per Technical Analysis in Nifty Strong Support 17173 and Final Down Side Support as Per W.D Gann Angle Analysis 17050. Nifty Fall from 17490 higher level its face the strong resistance as per My Discussed in Last Analysis. after that touch this higher level 17490 shar fall as per Stock Market Psychology and Nifty … Read more

Nifty Technical Analysis

Nifty Technical Level given above and as per GANN Level important Resistance near to 17255 and Downside Support 16890. Nifty 8 Days Moving Average major resistance. Above 17100 we did 17161 High for the yesterday and below 16900 we did 16782. Have we made bottom as discussed in below video  its will be confirmed when … Read more

Bank Nifty Gann Angle Analysis

as per W.D GANN Angle Level analysis strong resistance level 36310 and strong Support 35800-35777.gann angle 180 Degree cross in Bank nifty next important target up side also face the important resistance level is 36510. if cross and sustain above this level then trend revers from down to up side in Bank nifty. Axis Bank … Read more

Day Trading Strategy BPCL

BPCL Technical Level analysis BPCL 20 Day Moving Average very Strong Resistance and as Per Gann level analysis strong Support 488 resistance level is 408. if Cross then stock Move near to 20 DMA approx. 420 level. Intraday Traders can use the below mentioned levels Buy above 402 Tgt 406, 408 and 414  SL 387 Sell … Read more

Financial Astrology

Brief Historical Background for Financial Astrology In the late 1920s and early 1930s financial astrology was made popular by astrologer Evangeline Adams. Adams was known as America’s first big astrology superstar. She made astrology popular with her newsletter Making stock market predictions. During the 1920s, Adams consulted many big financial names of the time, including … Read more

PSU Stock – Sectoral outlook: PSUs

इस स्पेस ने पिछले एक दशक से कोई रिटर्न नहीं दिया है और इसलिए बेहद सस्ते वैल्यूएशन की पेशकश करता है। मौजूदा वैल्यूएशन पर सुरक्षा का अच्छा मार्जिन है। बीएसई पीएसयू इंडेक्स वित्त वर्ष 22 के आधार पर 7.5 गुना और वर्तमान पी/बी 0.9 गुना पर ट्रेड करता है। ये कंपनियां उच्च लाभांश का भुगतान … Read more

Equity Gurukul: What to keep an eye on before investing in equity and how to become a smart investor –

इस शो में जाने, Equity में Investment से पहले किन बातों पर रखें नजर और कैसे बनें Smart Investor? In this special segment of Lehman Se Life Tak, watch an exclusive interview of Basant Maheshwari, Wealth Advisers LLP. Watch the video to know more. Equity Gurukul: How much do global factors mean to investors? In … Read more

Stock Market Report

Stock Market आज और कल OI GAINER STOCK IS CROMPTON AND BANDHA BANK must watch for next trading session. Kotak Bank Level Analysis Kotak Bank Gann level Level Analysis given below . Kotak Bank strong move today now this stock over brought zone now wait for small deep for buy. stock strong support 2110 and … Read more

Nifty Technical Level for 08th Oct 2021

Nifty Technically Strong Support 17770. And Strong Resistance level 17940. Nifty Gann Level Chart Analysis BankNifty Technical Astro Level analysis Bank Nifty Strong Support 37500/37460 and Resistance level is 37960. as per option & Future Data Analysis its not given any clear signal . but Trend intact up because all banking stock in bullish sign. … Read more

Canara Bank Technical Analysis

As Per Gann Level Analysis & Chart Strong Support 170 and Final Support 164 if Hold and sustain these level then upside move and major up side target 193 and final up side 202/205. Canara Bank Long Term Trend Canara bank Long Term chart analysis strong support 140-148 this stock leave the bearish zone its … Read more


Astro Planet Position Today Planet Position today given Above . as per Astro today Moon in Hasta Nakshatra and also today amavasya /अमावस्याtithi ,Sun & moon in one place in same rashi & Star Also. Today Trend Reversal Time is 09:27 /10:31/12:25 Nifty Option Analysis And Higher OI Buildup in Put Option is 17600 its … Read more

About Astrology

About Astrology Introduction Napoleon Bonaparte is reported to have stated that greed and fear are the two levels which control mankind. Carl jung, a famous psychologist has said, that “Astrology represents the summation of psychological knowledge of antiquity”. “ज्योतिष पुरातनता के मनोवैज्ञानिक ज्ञान के योग का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है” A famous investment advisor had stated, … Read more

Nifty Technical Level Analysis 28th July 2021 08:00 PM

Nifty Weekly Support Resistance Level analysis Nifty Technically strong Support 15570 and resistance level is 15900(15899). Nifty Daily Support resistance Level analysis Nifty Daily Technical Level import for 29th July Support is 15660 and resistance level is 15756 and if break down side support then final support is 15550 and up side final resistance is … Read more

Market Wrap, May 05

Previous Next The RBI has announced Rs 50,000 crore Covid-19 health package for vaccine manufacturers, medical equipment suppliers, hospitals and patients in need of funding. The Reserve Bank of India’s swift and timely monetary response to the devastating wave of Covid-19 gave Indian equities further momentum, climbing 0.8% on Wednesday. Well-designed RBI measures, which analysts say are … Read more

Bank Nifty WD GANN Astro Technical Analysis

Bank Nifty Technical Trend Analysis for 05th May 2021 Bank Nifty Strong Support Level 31740 And resistance level is 32800. Bear Will hammer today downside if break 3200 down side support near to 31850/31740/31450. down Side will come from upper level; Bank Nifty Gann Level Analysis As per WD Gann Angle Level Strong Resistance up … Read more

Market Trend Analysis – Nifty & Bank Nifty Technical Astro Analysis

Market Today 03rd march 2021 Domestic equity markets showed a solid recovery at the end of the session, driven mainly by metals and FMCG stocks, and ended on a mixed Monday, despite bank losses limiting growth. Among the major indices, the BSE S&P BSE Sensex barometer ended the day at 48,716 points, down 64 points … Read more

BankNifty and Nifty Technical Analysis

BankNifty Technical Trend Analysis for 03rd May 2021 Bank Nifty Strong Support Level 31680 And resistance level is 32985. Bear Will hammer today downside if break 32400 down side support near to 31980/31660/31350. Bounce will come from below; if you hold the level of 31700 in BankNifty, then bounce should come up to 32300. Bank … Read more

Lupin stock Trend Analysis

As per Technical chart Analysis strong support 1040-1021. 3/1 Gann Angle is strong support level is 1060 if close below weekly basis then final 4/1 Gann angle support level is 1021. ADX Technical Indicators Ready for Momentum up side/either down side. if stock break 1020 then final bottom near to 960. as per YouTube video … Read more

Nifty Technical Chart Analysis 27th April

The Nifty Technical Chart is given below and see this chart. Technically, the Nifty has strong resistance with a 20-day moving average (14577) and RSI below 50 is also not a sign of an uptrend. But according to previous analysis, the weekly breakout level Nifty close above 14470. Nifty 50 Stock trend Tracking gains in … Read more

BankNifty technical Level for 26th April

BankNifty Technical level as per analysis strong resistance level is 32250. if sustain above bull will be come next level is 32312/32550/32800. Banknifty strong support 31200 if sustain below bear will be hammer the bank nifty next level will come near to 30900/30646/30500. Bank Nifty Weekly levels BankNifty Gann Level analysis Let me go by … Read more

Nifty Technical level analysis 26th April 2021

Nifty Weekly Gann Level analysis Nifty weekly Level Nifty Gann Level Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict SL .Please also read the detailed Disclaimer mentioned in the left side of Blog. Follow on Twitter  during Market Hours: About Services: follow … Read more

Market Wrap, April 23 : मार्केट रिपोर्ट, 23 अप्रैल

Frightened by a strong second wave of Covid-19 and its impact on India’s economic recovery, equity markets fell sharply in Friday’s session, although strong global sentiment helped to limit the decline. India reported more than 3,000 cases on Friday for the second consecutive day, a new record for any country in the world. To control … Read more

Market Wrap today 22nd April

Sensex closed the session at 48,081, up 375 points, mainly due to strong positions in the banking and financial sectors.After the session started with a minor difference, amidst record growth of more than 3 million Covid-19 cases in the country, Indian markets reverted to daily trading, as investors resorted to low, fueled buying. from strong … Read more

Index Wrap up

As per previous analysis I had told Nifty Technically strong support 14246 and strong resistance level 14440. its hang between this level. Nifty Positional Breakout Level is 14520. As we have been maintaining that unless Nifty closes below 14200 all fall towards this level are good buying opportunities. Like last Monday, the Indian Markets have crashed … Read more

Nifty Trend Analysis for 20th April

Nifty Technically strong support 14246 and strong resistance level 14440. its hang between this level. Nifty Positional Breakout Level is 14520. Nifty Pivot Level Today Nifty close above Pivot Point level its 14311 & closing Price is14359. Strong Resistance as per pivot 14431. Strong Support level as pivot 14239. Nifty Technical Levels Analysis as per … Read more

Stock Market Wrap up

Stock Market Wrap up Today – Sensex index quoted 47,949 levels, down 883 points while the Nifty50 was at 14,359 levels, down 258 points. Nifty down today 258 Nifty Move down side as per today Technical analysis .Nifty sharp fall start after the market open. and intraday low 14191 formed after test this level nifty … Read more

Nifty Technical Level analysis for Stock Market 19 April

Nifty Technically strong support 14440 and strong resistance level 14660. its hang between this level. 14660 level break for bulls closing basis. Nifty Technical Level Analysis Important Support 14510 and Resistance 14660. if Nifty Break 14510 then Down Side move 14420/14320/14240/14188. if Nifty Break Up side 14660 up side move 14720/14810/14888. Nifty stock Time cycle … Read more

Bank Nifty Astro Technical Analysis

Astro Planet Position Today, both Mercury and Sun are together, mercury superior conjunction at 05 degree in arise sign. as per Astro even BankNifty strong support near to 30500 level if come this level I can buy for big move from here. Target up side will come 33900 within a week finally expiry will up … Read more

Nifty vs Dow Market Reports

The US markets have been rising continuously and touching new highs. But Indian markets have refused to join the party. Last to Last Thursday (08th Apr 2021) Nifty traded above the crucial level of 14955 but failed to close above it hence failed to generate the buy signal once again. As suggested earlier the Dollar … Read more

Gold Technical Analysis 17th April

We had given last month around 1700 after it had made a bottom around 1675. We had given a range of USD 1775 to 1875 levels as the targets. The first target has been achieved. But one should not rush to book profits as Gold has given a further buy above USD 1760 in a … Read more

LIC Buy Old Economy Stock

LIC ने सीमेंट, ऑटो एसेसरीज, केमिकल्स, एनर्जी और पेंट्स से जुड़ी पुरानी इकोनॉमिक्स कंपनियों में अपनी हिस्सेदारी बढ़ाई है। हालांकि, ऐसा लगता है कि सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के बैंकिंग शेयरों में कुछ लाभ दर्ज किए गए हैं, जैसे कि टाटा स्टील और टीसीएस, जिनमें से कई ने उक्त तिमाही में स्वस्थ कीमतें बढ़ाई हैं।

कम से कम 15 कंपनियों में 3,000 करोड़ के शेयर खरीदता है सबसे बड़े घरेलू संस्थागत निवेशक एलआईसी ने जनवरी-मार्च तिमाही के दौरान 3,000 करोड़ रुपये के शेयर खरीदकर कम से कम 15 कंपनियों में अपनी पकड़ बना ली है, जबकि बाजार में लगभग 4 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि हुई है।

कम से कम market 20,000 करोड़ बाजार पूंजीकरण वाली कंपनियों से संबंधित है जहां एलआईसी की कम से कम एक प्रतिशत हिस्सेदारी है। अब तक, केवल 35 कंपनियों ने श्रेणी के तहत जनवरी-मार्च 2021 तिमाही का खुलासा किया है।

Nifty 50 Stock Analysis Reports for 15th April 2021(data reports 13th April 2021)

RSI Indicator

Technical Analysis: Stocks with Relative Strength Index (RSI) below 30 are considered oversold. This implies that stock may rebound.
Some traders, in an attempt to avoid false signals from the RSI, use more extreme RSI values as buy or sell signals, such as RSI readings above 80 to indicate overbought conditions and RSI readings below 20 to indicate oversold conditions.


Nifty 50 Stock Open Interest Analysis reports


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Gann Technical Level analysis learn for AstroTechnical YouTube Channel.

Technical View : निफ्टी ने फिर बनाया डोजी कैंडल, जानें अगले हफ्ते कैसा रहेगा Stock Market

एक्सपर्ट्स के मुताबिक निफ्टी पर अगला रेजिस्टेंस स्तर 17,260-17,300 के लेवल पर हो सकता है। इसके बाद 17,450 पर रेजिस्टेंस दिख सकता है। इसके अलावा निफ्टी में 16,850-16,750 का स्तर एक महत्वपूर्ण सपोर्ट के रूप में काम करता हुआ दिखाई दे सकता है। हालांकि निफ्टी में इस लेवल के टूटने के बाद इंडेक्स 16,450 तक … Read more

Stock Market Technical Analysis

Nifty Positional Anlaysis Diwali 2022. Nifty Technical & WD Gann Level anlaysis for 14th Oct 2022 Nifty Breakout Level 17140 Important up side Resistance 17410 If close above nifty will touch 17810 till Diwali 2022. Nifty 20 DMA Strong Support 17274 and Nifty 200 dma support 17000 aprox. Nifty Technically Oversold buy on Deep strategycan … Read more

Stock Market AstroTechnical Analysis

Planet Position today Today Moon in Pices Sign & Revati Star in Plantory Position 10th Oct 2022. Planet Posistion angle Wise diffrences Banknifty & Nifty Down Side Short term Bottom formation for small rise in small period. More Details follow Our Youtube Channel

Commodities Future Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of commodities, mcx charts with Technical Crude Oil Technical Analysis As per W.D Gann Angle Price Analysis Crude Oil Technical Analysis Level, strong support level for intraday is 7750 if sustained below then down side 2nd important target is 7660 and 3rd and Final target for today 7500. Crude Oil Upside resistance level for today intraday is 7915 and … Read more